Glossary Plugin for OJS

originaly plugin was created for but it was updated for

the main idea of plugin was in next:

  1. if you have some “words” in abstract which you want to explain to your readers, - you can create a database of “terms”.
  2. This terms will be highlited in abstract text.
  3. They will have pop-up with small description.
  4. Also for each term will be generated single page.
  5. you can have alphabetical ordered page with all terms.
    5.a. at thew main page with alphabetical order you can have description page.

Plugin was created for Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Religion (UARR) with ability to release it for community for free distribution.

As i am not developer, there could be bugs and different issues. But i will be pleased for feedback-upgrades and comments.

to install plugin you need to download archive and put all files to “plugins\generic\tihenkoGlossary” folder

as plugins was developed for existing database of terms, probably you will need to clear file “tihenkoGlossaryPluginDB_uk_UA.js” and probably you will need to create such file for your language.

for test purposes in folder “sql” - table for DB.
in screenshots - few screenshots of plugin.
demo you can find: Глосарій термінів | Українське Релігієзнавство - but you need to switch to UKRAINIAN language

for correct showing of cyryllic language alphabetical order, - you need to have DB in utf8_unicode_ci. if you use utf8_general_ci, - you probably will have errors in letter order.


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I want to say thank you for plugin. It`s a great work for all scientific community.

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I think it will be very useful if user can see all wrote words in one place.
Something like tables with all words and theirs deffinition
It`s my little suggestion

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Forgot to mention, that all words index can be obtained by address:


For example: Глосарій термінів | Українське Релігієзнавство