GitHub: raising an issue

It could be me, but there doesn’t seem to be an Issues tab on the OJS GitHub repository. I’ve found a coding error.
File: ojs/plugins/generic/googlescholar/

Line 99: if ($language = $article->getLanguage()) $templateMgr->addHeader('googleScholarLanguage', '<meta name="citation_language" content="' . htmlspecialchars($language()) . '"/>');

Should be:
if ($language = $article->getLanguage()) $templateMgr->addHeader('googleScholarLanguage', '<meta name="citation_language" content="' . htmlspecialchars($language) . '"/>');

The second instance of $language should not have parentheses after it.

Hi @Richard_Pilbery,

Good spotting – fixed in the ojs-stable-3_0_0 and master branches!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team