Geographical statistics

Hi, ia there any solution or plugin to see the geographical chart of the visitors?

Like how many anf drom which country users have visited the site?

If I recall it well, OJS is not showing geo information in the statistics page any more, but you have plenty of third party tools to do the job.

The most usual is google analytics, but it’s not the best option right now. Take a look to this post:

Alternatively to client-side log tools, you can also use a server-side log tool like goaccess or awstats. They are more precise than the client ones and less problematic in terms of data privacy because they don’t share data with anybody else an don’t use cookies or js to work (just analize your webserver log and give you the results)

If you go with client-side, I would suggest plausible (matromo is great, but needs knowledge about how to configure it).

If you go with the server-side, I would try goaccess.

I still need to test it but, recently a new solution emerged (specific for OJS) and it looks really promising:


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Thank you @marc for mentioning the app.

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