GDPR | Adding an 'I accept Ts & Cs' check-box to User Registration Page

Hi all, Could anyone please advise on which file to edit in order to add a ‘Terms and Conditions’ check-box (required field) to the User Registration Page on OJS This isn’t a field whose data will need to be recorded in the database.

We’re including this for compliance with the new GDPR rules.

Hi, this is added as in issue in github

Thanks very much. I’ve had a look. Just for clarification, is this a milestone for the next version of OJS or a solution that can be provided for existing versions in time for GDPR?

not sure what the schedule is with these, @jmacgreg knows best.

@academicuser Are you sure you don’t need to record the consent in the database? I understand from GDPR rules that consent needs to be managed through collection, recording, modification, revocation… Not to mention the fact that the burden of proof of the consent fails on the data controller.

To my knowledge the consent will be recorded to the database.

Thank you @enroweb; you are correct. We hoped doing it manually would be enough for an immediate quick-fix, while waiting for an update, but have since understood that this isn’t sufficient.

We are not a technical team and are struggling to find someone capable to hire and implement this in OJS Therefore, it looks like we will have to wait for the upgrade.

I think @enroweb was correcting my assumption that this wouldn’t be necessary. I also understand from the GitHub discussion that it will be recorded in the database.