Garbled text displayed in OJS frontend and backend

We have upgraded our journal system to the version But some users are seeing garbled text on Google Chrome Browser. But in most other browsers text is displayed normally. Despite changing the font the problem persists on Chrome Browsers of some users. We have attached images of how those particular users see the text on Chrome browser. Please let us know about a work around to this issue.


Our Journal Site:

Thank you

Hello @charithsaranga,

I was not able to replicate this on the front end of your site - when I go to your journal site it looks fine. I wonder if this could have something to do with the user’s particular Chrome browser that this user is using and if they have any add-ons or plugins that might be causing this issue? You might want to have another user test it.

PKP Team

Yes, only certain users are experiencing this issue. Even in my chrome browser it is displayed as garbled text. I disable all the extensions and tried, but the problem persists. For some users site looks fine in chrome. In my case I tried disabling font family for body through Chrome Developer tools and then the English text appeared. Disabling font-family entirely or just removing the default font (Eg: Noto Sans) from body makes the English text appear. Then I tried loading “Noto Sans” through an additional style sheet. Then it worked for the frontend, but that style did not get applied to the backend. What would be the best option?