Future releases of OJS 2.4.X after 3.0?

I tried to search for such info with no luck:
do you plan to release minor updates for the 2.4.X branch after the release of 3.0?

I see there will be a 2.4.8-1 and I am wondering if you will release a 2.4.8-2 etc. or even a 2.4.9 in the future.
I see that the release of the 3.0 is planned for this summer. Such informations would be really useful to program future works on our service

Thanks and regards

OJS 2.4.9 is in the planning process.

There are no plans to abandon the 2.4.x releases with the release of 3.x, but most updates to the 2.4.x line will be limited to maintenance fixes rather than substantial enhancements.

Once OJS 3.x is mature and widely deployed, the conversation on a timeline for phasing out 2.4.x will inevitably come, but this is quite a ways off.

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