Fully Customizable

I’m planning to do a full customize but i cant do it. I was trying to do like the following demo URL :


~ both design & functionality wise.

Now Urgent Sections :

  1. Page(s) common for all Journals Eg. About, Contact etc
  2. Menu(s) common for all Journals Eg. About, Contact etc

This is not OJS. This is a new software known as Janeway! I found it too compact. Everything else is already available in OJS except for most popular articles sections.

I do not think that is Janeway yet. I mean I bet they are planning to use Janeway there soon, but at the moment Ubiquity is using OJS2 and a custom frontend made with python (I think). I discussed this with an Ubiquity employee last year.

No no, I had read a tweet from some one (I dont remember his name), showing Janeway and taking a dig at OJS. That tweet had this website’s link. Also I do not think that this can be OJS (they do not have any features from OJS, even the submission is different and even you wont be able to find index.php or the journals short form in the websites link). This is Janeway (99% sure)

Well the Ubiquity press site has been the same for a couple of years already (also Open Library of Humanities) and Janeway has been around since last summer.


“Ubiquity Press has built the enhanced platform based on Public Knowledge Project’s Open Journal Systems open source journal software. The platform will serve as a multidisciplinary humanities research environment.”

They just basically have the whole frontend built with Python/Django. The Django framework probably uses the own API for OJS to fetch data for the Django frontend (I do not know the details): GitHub - ubiquitypress/intersect: Intersect is an API for OJS.

http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/new-open-publishing-platform-janeway/64291 and http://www.ctp.bbk.ac.uk/2017/08/04/birkbeck-centre-for-technology-and-publishing-releases-scholarly-communications-platform-janeway/

Check this out

Ok, could be that they changed the backend as well. But the customized OJS2 they had looked almost exactly the same already a year ago: Open Library of Humanities

If you want such level of customization, this would definitely need a person with an expertise in a front-end developing, including knowledge in PHP and Smarty.

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Just to confirm, the main Ubiquity Press site is neither OJS nor Janeway (I previously worked on the UP platform and now develop Janeway). OLH now has its main site hosted outside the UP network, though still has journals hosted on it.

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