Full issue downloads not in statistics?

Question about the statistics - articles in the backend:

This does, obviously, not show the number of downloads of the full issue pdf.
However, since a growing number of readers starts downloading full issues, it would be a nice feature to see these numbers, too.

Is there a possibility to enable a counter for these full downloads?

Thank you and greetings from Austria

Hi @Jesaiah,

Thank you for your post - good question. Could you please indicate which version you’re using (e.g. 3.4.0-5) @bozana - would you happen to know this, offhand?

PKP Team

Hi @Jesaiah, please provide more information: the version you are using but also where are you looking at the usage stats, where do you miss them, etc.
(because actually the issue galley downloads are/should be counted…)


We are using

I go to the backend, select Statistics - articles in the left menu bar. The curve of files (or abstracts respectively) is displayed correctly, and I see the list with the downloaded files in descending numerical order.
Yet I can not find the download of the full issue files - I tried filtering by a title keyword or by submitting person. Both show no results.
Example: All of our full issues contain the word “complete” and were uploaded by the same person, so searching by enterin the term in the “search” field should bring up the numbers, shouldnt it? BTW, I also have browsed over the list (of some 350 entries or so) and could not find it …

Hi @Jesaiah

Yes, under Statistics > Articles you can only see the article statistics.
In release 3.4 there is also Statistics > Issues. There you will be able to see the stats you are looking for.
In 3.3 you would need to go to Statistics > Reports and use PKP Usage statistics report (or Generate Custom Report) to see you issue galley downloads.


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Thank you! That helps! However I will try and talk our tech in upgrading to 3.4 … :slight_smile:

Have a great summertime, you and the whole team!