Full articles are missing

  • Application Version - OJS 3.1.2
  • Description of issue:I have published a Journal but I can only see the DOI, abstract of papers and the references.

Where can users download the full paper? Is there an option that I should enable in settings to add the PDF files or give an HTML version of the papers?


Hi @ybshokouhi,

Production Editors/Journal Managers/Admins can download PDF, HTML, XML or other forms of galley files on a production stage just under the label “Galleys”.

Thanks for your reply.
I mean readers. When others register with the website and they come to read the papers, how can they access the file and read them? For me the full files are not accessible. It only shows the DOI, References and abstracts.

If 1) galleys is downloaded, 2) issue is published and 3) article is published, a user should see a link to it from article landing page or issue TOC.

Can you double-check if 1), 2) and 3) are in place?

Thanks for your reply.
The issue was very simple, we missed to create galleys.
Once galleys were added, it was alright, full access to papers appeared.


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