Frontend Crashes When Creating Categories from Admin Backend

When I create any category for my journal from the admin backend (Settings > Journal > Categories Tab), the frontend of the entire journal site crashes. I expected the new category to be saved and the frontend to remain functional. The only way I’ve found to resolve the crash is by deleting the newly created category from the backend.

Steps I took leading up to the issue:

  1. Logged into the admin backend.
  2. Navigated to Settings > Journal > Categories Tab.
  3. Created a new category.
  4. Saved the changes.

After completing these steps, the frontend of the journal site becomes inaccessible.

What application are you using?

Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3.4. I had the same issue with the 3.3 release.

Hi @Andres_Nava,

Are you able to check your PHP error log for error messages there? Taht might help provide more clues as to what is happening here.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Thanks for your reply! At this time I am not able to access anything beyond the backend. I will need to submit a work ticket to my IT team. I was hoping someone may have had the same issue and might already have a working solution. As soon as I can get IT to pull the log for me, I’ll post it.