From 'Books for Review' to 'Objects for Review'

Is there a way to make an export of all the informations stored in the ‘Books for Review’ so it can be transferred to the new ‘Objects for Review’?
Niels Erik

Hi @nef

No, unfortunately, there is no such possibility at the moment – it haven’t had a high priority yet. If you have any resources to work on this I would be more than happy to help!
The best way to do this would be to implement en export for the Books for Review plugin in a specific format, e.g. XML, and an import for Objects for Review plugin. This is more generic, but a longer way.
Else, also just a function/script that would transfer the database data from the book for reviews tables into the object for reviews tables in an appropriate way would work and be helpful too.
How many books should be transferred in your case?
Please let me know if you could anyhow work on/contribute this…


Hi Bozana
Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately we haven’t got the ressources to design such a plugin, Sorry.
Niels Erik