Fresh install and move of old ojs2 to journals to a new server B

  • Application Version - e.g., OJS
  • Description of issue : Move OJS to a brand new server and then upgrading
  • Steps you took leading up to the issue : Inherited a legacy system with a lot of issues
  • What you tried to resolve the issue : read the forums, trial and error and much more
    OS new server : Ubuntu 18 (Bionic Beaver)

Case :

I have inherited a server with multiple instance of OJS on it , and keep on putting out fires.
I would like to upgrade the OS as it is still on Ubuntu 16 with old OJS

Server A : Original server Ubuntu 16 (Multiple instance) (Prod)
url :

Server B : Original server Ubuntu 18 (installed LAMP stack and tested a single install working perfect)(Dev)
url :

I cant seem to find any step by step guides on how to do the move instances step by step, I would like to :

  1. Move Journals from server A to server B, one at a time and upgrade them as i go along from OJS2 → OJS3 (I see guides for this part, but not for the move part)
    → I would like to test and make videos and guides for others that get stuck at this point as well.


1.a - How to i move journals from one server to another ?
1.b - How will i be able to keep the names the same for when i make journal B the new journal A
eg: keep the original server name.

I would appreciate any help be it small or big, I enjoy trying to make life easier for everyone, so thank you in advance

Will add extra questions as they pop up.

Hello @sarfaraz,

You may wish to have a look at these resources that provides some advice on making the transition from OJS 2 to OJS 3:

1 (a) How you move the journals from one server to another will depend on what utilities your server has. Ensuring that you have backups - particularly for your database and the OJS code will be important. You would probably want to make use of tools like FTP or rsync to migrate your files to a new server.

1(b): This is possible, but you will need to work with your Domain Name Service registrar to ensure that the domain names you are using are pointing to the correct server. How you do that varies from one domain name server to the next.

You will also want to check our FAQ here: Installing and Upgrading and Administrators guide: Managing the Server Environment

This is just some general advice to get you started. Others may wish to weigh in on their experience of upgrading to OJS 3 may wish to weigh in as well. If you encounter specific problems in the process of upgrading, you can search the forum here - chances are that others have encountered similar issues.

Best regards,

PKP support