French translation plugin surrounded with ##

Here is a copy of my screen. If am in English language it works fine, but in French I have name of the block which is the name of the plugin surrounded by ##. I have the problem with many plugin blocks.
If you can help. Thank you in advance
I am on OJS

That probably means that those message keys are not translated into French. install Translation plugin that you can find in Plugin gallery and translate those message keys.

Thank for your help, you are right. Actually after posting I discovered by ftp that in the folder “/plugins/blocks/information/locale” there was fr_CA folder but not a fr_FR. As I remembered having choosen french français during the installation, i copied the entire fr_CA folder and changed its name to fr_FR, and now it works perfectly. If I had not a ftp access I would have applied the solution you advice, which is probably simpler. Many thanks again.

You found a way to solve issue, but when you have time open those files and ask for instructions how to change headers and use Translator plugin and correct translations if needed.