Free ready-made themes or css?

As the title suggests, is there someplace where I can download themes or stylesheets for OJS for free?

Obviously I searched by myself, but I only found a website that charges for its (quite well made) themes.

I would like something already made that I can maybe modify to some extent, without having to do my own theme from scratch.

Hi @mgv42,

There aren’t many groups writing or distributing themes, but if you find an OJS site you like, feel free to contact the maintainer; they might be willing to distribute it. Have a look through the “Community Showcase” area on the forum for some examples.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Please give us a link to Community Showcase

You will find the Community Showcase as one of the categories on the forum homepage. Click on the “COMMUNITY FORUM” link in the header to go back to the homepage and view the all the categories.

Thanks for the reply.