(Free Plugin) - Announcement Mail Fix Plugin for OJS 3.3.x

Hello OJS user

Our team would like to share our solution on the fixing of the bulk email bug that happened on the OJS 3.3.x version. The bulk email sending such as used by announcement and other multi email sending is a known bug that can be found here and many of our clients outcried for this bug. To help them and this community, our team initiated fixing this by releasing a free plugin.

This fix is made possible with the flexible hook system on OJS, you get and check the details of this free plugin here. :

Thank you

Openjournaltheme team


Hi @goodzy, we would welcome a fix for this in the core codebase. Would you be willing to submit a pull request to No email is sent when creating a new announcement · Issue #7213 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub?


Hello @NateWr

Sure, we have discussed with our team and it is our pleasure to implement this fix to the codebase. We have send this push request to the OJS codebase. Please check this request link : pkp/pkp-lib#7213 Fix Announcement Email by rahmanramsi · Pull Request #7547 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

OJT Team

Thanks @goodzy! I’ve followed up with the developer on the pull request.