Forthcoming plugin for OJS 3.2

Will be compatible ?

Hi @leobardo,

Can you clarify your question: what plugin are you referring to?

PKP staff

This is:

but don´t work


Hi @leobardo,

Can you provide more details, please:

  1. What versions of the plugins are you currently use them
  2. How did you install them (e.g. plugin gallery, or manually on your server)?
  3. What version of OJS are you using?
  4. What errors are you seeing when you try to install/use them?

Knowing these details will help to further assess the issue and provide suggestions for potential solutions.

PKP team

the plugin uses the PublishedArticleDAO and if I’m not wrong, this is no longer supported in OJS 3.2 and later. There is an open issue on GitHub regarding to this problem: I have facing issue on OJS 3.2 version. It is not working forthcoming plugin · Issue #7 · ajnyga/forthcoming · GitHub

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