Form of the QuickSubmit not working

good afternoon,
My portal uses version 3.1.2 of ojs, however the quick submission plugin does not work, to be exact the save button does not inform if the procedure was done, tracked the log files and did not detect anything. Any idea what might be happening.


Hi @franciscosatiro,

If a submission through the quick submission plugin is successful. The page should bring redirect you to the next webpage (screenshot below).

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.

Hi, @pmangahis,

But the next webpage not loading, the save button no work. I am testing the plugin version compatible, but no success.

thanks for the response.

Hi @franciscosatiro,

Could you check your PHP error log while you’re trying to use the quickSubmit plugin to see what errors are registering?

Kind regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @pmangahis

I have a similar problem with QuickSubmit Plugin.

Trying to put a galley but in the pop-up windows there is not the “Save” button.
See screenshot below

An additonal problem is that in the “Add Contributor” pop-up window the “Affiliation” field is missing.
See screenshot below

OJS version: 3.1.2-4
QuickSubmit plugin version: released on 2019-04-03

The QuickSubmit plugin has been updated via plugin gallery after the upgrade of
OJS from 3.1.2-1 to 3.1.2-4.

Sorry @pmangahis ,
I have to correct myself here:
actually, both the issues above attributed to QuickSubmit plugin seem not related to the plug-in but
to OJS itself.
Save button missing in the Galley upload and Affiliation field missing in contributor’s data are alsomissing in OJS itself.

Problem solved!

I was neither QuickSubmit nor OJS the problem.

Instead it was the child theme that we are using that contained some CSS lines that where colliding with the CSS in the back-end.

This caused that some form fields getting hided from the CSS.

Sorry for the false alarm.