Form locales in edit metadata form

Hello dear OJS community,

I’m working on an installation of OJS and I could notice the languages for editing articles metadata are taken from the Submissions column and not in the Forms column from the manager/languages options.

I couldn’t identify why this is happening because looking at code the metadataEdit.tpl template, it is using $formLocales variable and not the $supportedSubmissionLocaleNames variable

I think this is a bug having into account that the journal could accept articles only in english but with metadata in more languages, to be registered on the system, for example.

Could you help me to have the formLocales options when editing the articles metadata?

Thanks for your help,

Hi @lcmartinezru,

I haven’t looked into this in detail but I think that’s the intended behavior; can you describe the mix of languages you’re supporting?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you Alec.

One journal only receives submissions in spanish, but for better indexing we register metadata in english. So, we dont want to select “English” in the column “Submissions” setting up the Supported locales but we want to still have the option to upload english metadata.

This is an example of the problem,
Luis Carlos Martìnez
Universidad Nacional de Colombia