Fixed bug in contry code for Serbia

in file cache/fc-country-en_US.php - add line ‘CS’ => ‘Serbia and Montenegro’,
in file cache/fc-country-pl_PL.php - ‘CS’ => ‘Serbia’, change to ‘RS’ => ‘Serbia’, and add ‘CS’ => ‘Serbia and Montenegro’,

The source of these cached files will be in " lib / pkp / locale / localeCode / countries.xml "

For example:

Ouh sorry yes you are right.
But the correction is necessary for:
lib/pkp/locale/en_US/countries.xml add line

<country name="Serbia and Montenegro" code="CS"/>

and in
lib/pkp/locale/pl_PL/countries.xml change

<country name="Serbia" code="CS"/>

to <country name="Serbia" code="RS"/> and add

<country name="Serbia i Czarnogóra" code="CS"/>


Hi @lucien,

We use the ISO3166-1 standard country list:

The current revision doesn’t list “Serbian and Montenegro”, but has “Serbia” and “Montenegro” with separate entries.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Yes of ae right, but you heve outdated list of OJS for:
pl_PL - the file does not have the position of Montenegro

<country name="Czarnogóra" code="ME"/>

and Serbia has code CS it should be

<country name="Serbia" code="RS"/>

Capo Verde: <country name="Republika Zielonego Przylądka" code="CV"/>


Hi @lucien,

Yes, it looks like our files are out of date. I’ve filed an issue and we should be merging in updated files shortly:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team