First Time Set Up of the Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) Plugin

One of our journals has recently updated OJS to 2.4.8 and installed the PKP PLN plugin. Everything seems to be set up, but honestly we’re not even sure if our articles are being backed up. I checked the wiki but I haven’t seen any articles describing how to set up the PLN plugin.

Part of the problem is that I work for a publisher in Peru and the IT techs don’t speak English, so I serve as the go-between for English communications like this forum. If you need some detailed information, just let me know, but ideally if someone could point me to a list of steps to set up the PLN plugin that would be great.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

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Hi @Michael_White

You can check deposit status of your files in:
Home > User > Journal Management > Plugin Management > Generic Plugins > PKP PLN Plugin - Status

In this panel is shown if articles are being correctly fetched.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thank you @israel.cefrin for the tip. The Status page shows 13 files uploaded 2 days ago. I’ve attached an image of the page:

Image of PKP PLN Status

EDIT: Is there a way to see exactly which files have been archived to the Private LOCKSS Network?

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