File Upload Restrictions

Hello everyone! I was wondering if there’s any way to restrict the file uploads of manuscripts/articles to a certain file type? I am currently working as an intern and was tasked to migrate their custom journal system to OJS. I have already altered the designs to their liking but they wanted me to restrict the files the users can upload to keep things safe. I have already seen a same topic discussed in this forum and I already told my supervisor that it’ll be okay if the users can upload different file because it won’t be directly link to the main root/folder of OJS (if I remember it correctly). But they weren’t convinced and I’m really running out of ideas how to pull this of.

I’m using OJS 3.4.0-4. Any help and tips would be much appreciated. Thank you all so much!

HI @yannalogy,

You may want to see this post here: Block certain file types from being uploaded in OJS - #5 by asmecher

It explains the rationale behind not limiting fijle uploads and measures that can be taken to secure appropriate directories within OJS.

PKP Team

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