File submitted in .docx cannot be opened by reviewer

Good morning,

an author submitted a .docx file to our journal and I forwarded it to a reviewer. However, if the reviewer opens the file, it seemingly provides only xml files.

When I open the submitted version, it first appears as zip archived file but then opens without any problems in Word.

What has gone wrong here?

Thanks for your help as this is rather urgent…


This is not particularly an OJS question. It sounds like you and the reviewer simply have older version of Microsoft Word which don’t support the new docx format. This structure of docx is to be expected.

You might want to download LibreOffice and open the document there.

Thank you very much for your speedy reply - I hope that your diagnosis correct…

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Dear All,

Meanwhile my OJS also experiencing similar situation to this. Recently we (editors, reviewers, or authors) can not upload file with .docx format. We can only upload in .doc format. A month ago it was completely okay, we can upload and download file with .docx format without any problem. But why this is only happening right now?

Thanks for your help.

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Nurrani Mustika

A couple other users reported this as an issue with GoDaddy. One suggested a solution of “migrating from legacy hosting to cPanel hosting”.

Dear Ctgraham,
We just migrated from legacy hosting of godaddy to other cpanel, everything is working fine(.docx upload issue is resolved, however we got an issue in sending emails, could you please show more light on the below error to fix asap:
“DB Error: MySQL server has gone away”.

To add: in we are using the SMTP relay of godaddy, which is
; Use SMTP for sending mail instead of mail()
smtp = On
; SMTP server settings
smtp_server = “
smtp_port = 25

Do we need to change this, since we migrated to hostgator only the hosting, but still use the email server of godaddy with their MX record in hostgator.

Dear Ctgraham,

Just found the SMTP server name of hostgator and hence the issue is resolved.
We managed to fix both .docx file upload issue and the new email sending issue.

Thanks & Regards,