File Path for attachements in in OHS

Hello, My attachements are not not showing up .

function addAttachment($filePath, $fileName = ‘’, $contentType = ‘’, $contentDisposition = ‘attachment’) {
if ($attachments =& $this->getData(‘attachments’) == null) {
$attachments = array();

	/* If the arguments $fileName and $contentType are not specified,
		then try and determine them automatically. */
	if (empty($fileName)) {
		$fileName = basename($filePath);

	if (empty($contentType)) {
		$contentType = String::mime_content_type($filePath);
		if (empty($contentType)) $contentType = 'application/x-unknown-content-type';

Do I have to give some value for




Yes, $filePath is a required parameter here and is expected to be the fully qualified path and filename for the attachment.