File download problem

Some downloaded files in the personal account have stopped downloading, the error “404 Not Found” appears. This does not happen with all files, but some cannot be downloaded by either the author, the reviewer, or the editor. Also in the “Archive” section, downloaded files of articles and issues cannot be downloaded, the error is “The PDF file is empty, i.e. its size is zero bytes.” OJS version
It happened on May 25, while nothing was done, the reason is also unclear.

Hello @shakhova.a.zqai,

Can you provide a few more details:

  1. A direct link to the publicly available articles?
  2. Error messages from your PHP error log (this may assist in troubleshooting)

PKP Team


  1. link to the article
  2. where can I find PHP error log?

Hi @shakhova.a.zqai,

  1. Thank you. I’ll have a closer look.
  2. Please see here for direction concerning finding your PHP error log: How do I find my PHP error log?

PKP Team

I am also facing same problem