Few observed OPS issues

First of all thanks to PKP team for providing OPS. Here are few issues and suggestions observed in OPS install-

  1. The series policy appears on the submissions page (below author guideline) without any Heading (e.g. Series Policy).
  2. Copyright year radio button is not saving visibly on distribution settings.
  3. I think there should be option to save relations by authors itself (currently only editor can set relation) with pending approval option (editor may be able to approve before appearing publicly).
  4. If possible add a text box to provide “journal name” as well in the published and submitted for review relations.
  5. There should be an option to request and update the new version (also new relation) by the author itself (with pending approval by the editor).
  6. Plugin gallery does not have an install button for the added plugins.
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Thank you for these comments!

  1. This probably comes from the shared library (is common with OJS). I will fix this for OPS.

  2. Ok, could be because there are really no alternatives for it in OPS like you have in OJS. Most likely I will remove the whole selection.

  3. Authors who have the ability publish can save the relation. The ability to publish depends on what screening plugin policies are enabled.

  4. I will consider this. Hoping that there would be an automatic of fetching and storing this based on the DOI but did not look into that yet.

  5. There is the discussion tool available. I am maybe not fully understanding what you mean?

  6. Hmm. the plugin gallery is all shared code (identical with OJS from pkp-lib). @asmecher suggestions?

Please keep the comments coming!

Hi @aabahishti,

Plugin gallery does not have an install button for the added plugins.

Are you logged in as a site administrator? Only site administrators have the ability to install plugins. (If this is our test drive installation that you’re exploring, we’ve disabled that ability.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks for reply. Yes, I was exploring with Server editor role, after login with administrator id, install button is available. Sorry for not noticing the administrator role.
Regarding other points (3,4,5), soon I will write in detail.

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Hello @ajnyga & @asmecher
I hope that you are doing great and praying for everyone’s safety in the current pandemic situation. Today I noticed 3 more issues in OPS as follows-

  1. Reordering authors in the publication workflow does not reorder authors at the frontend (even though it gets successfully saved and reordered in the backend).
  2. I selected backdate for publication, in this situation submission date did not change and its showing on frontend TOC of archive page (e.g. Submitted 2020-03-22 - Published 2020-03-02). I think if selected backdate as publication date there should be either an option to select submission date or visibility of submission date shall be optional. Other option may be that setting publication in backdate should not be available as it looks strange to see publication date prior to the submission date.
  3. Metadata entered as keywords showing after ##preprint.subject##: on the frontend.


Hi @aabahishti,

  1. The author ordering issue is solved here: Author lists are not sorted by sequence · Issue #5591 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub The fix will be included in OPS 3.2.0-1, to be released soon. Or, if you like, you can patch the issue with the change described at the link above.
  2. Are you trying to enter previously published content via the publishing workflow? It would be better to enter that content some other way – e.g. via the import/export tools, which are being developed at [OPS] Porting OJS native import export plugin to OPS by defstat · Pull Request #25 · ajnyga/ojs · GitHub.
  3. That has already been fixed in the Github repository for release with OPS 3.2.0-1: Correct missing locale key · ajnyga/ojs@271a205 · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you! I will wait for next release as many observed issue might get already fixed. Regarding publishing date, I made fresh submission and while publishing set backdate as publishing date in publication workflow. Right now I am not sure how to use import export tool but will surely try and it would be more convenient.

Thank you PKP. I am facing a problem installation. Can anyone share steps for the Installation and Customization of OPS. As we are planning to Implement in our Institute.

With regards,

Hi @Lambodara_Parabhoi,

Could you post this as a new topic? It’s not related to the original post here. That’ll help keep the forum organized.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team