Feature Request: Dynamic filtering the table of contents

Is it possible to build in a feature into the table of contents website so that there is a small “search field”.
The TOC would be filtered depending on the content of that “search field” and be filtered dynamically.
This would speed up looking for some article in an unorganised TOC.

I guess that this could be possible to accomplish with a custom theme (or a plugin), scripts and edited toc template.

You mean something like this: http://listjs.com/

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Yes, this is excactly what I was thinking of. Thank you for pointing out.
Where do I have to implement this within OJS?

You could do it with a custom theme or a plugin.

In both cases you would start by including the javascript:
You can check the bootstrap theme to see how to do it in a theme: bootstrap3/BootstrapThreeThemePlugin.inc.php at master · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub
And how to do it with a plugin, I would look at the google analytics plugin: googleAnalytics/GoogleAnalyticsPlugin.inc.php at c1300a2ef3a15af8444154bd67bf0333f5de8f60 · pkp/googleAnalytics · GitHub

The second step would be to replace the toc template in templates/frontend/objects/issue_toc.tpl. What the changes are depend on the javascript you are using. I have not looked at listjs in detail so I can not describe the changes in detail.

With OJS3 themes it is enough that you upload an edited template into your theme folder using the same folder path. You can also replace the template with a plugin.

thank you - that sounds like a good start to do the changes/modifications.