Fatal error: Cannot redeclare s483e1b3()

Can anybody help me?
Today i discovered, that i can’t login to site.

Hi @ashotgev,

That’s not anything included in any of our software. (You didn’t mention which of our applications you’re using, or what version – please include this in future posts.)

Is your files_dir (as configured in config.inc.php) a subdirectory of your web root? If so, that’s not a safe configuration, and it’s possible your installation has been hacked. See e.g. this thread. This is indicated on both the install form and in the documentation (e.g. docs/README).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I am sorry, for not including any information. (my version is OJS 3.1). But i solve th problem myself. There was a problem with cashes, i deleted cashes in server, and login function retuned ))))