Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in


I have this error after I restore a backup of my OJS (only code & files):
Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in /home4/oajpc/public_html/pages/index/IndexHandler.inc.php on line 874.
Can anyone help me with this error.

Thank you very much!

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Mihai G.

It looks like you have made some extensive customizations to this page.

This error message indicates that the variable you are using to call fetch_array() is not actually an object. This is often the case with a failed instanciation.

We may be able to offer more comments if you can post the specific code section (or better yet, post a link to it on Github, if possible).

I put the content of the entire file here: IndexHandler.inc.php · GitHub

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@medico, I get an access denied error when accessing that URL.

Here is the specific code section:

874	while ($row = $rs->fetch_array()){						
875					//echo $row[0];die;		
876	//				SELECT * FROM `journal_custom` t JOIN `journals` j ON j.`journal_id`=t.journal_id WHERE `show_in_slider`='yes'		
877	//				ORDER BY j.`seq` ASC		
878					$q2 = 'SELECT show_in_slider,id, rollover_text, url FROM journal_custom WHERE journal_id='.$row[0];		
879					$slider_rs = $mysqli->query($q2);		
880					$slider_row = $slider_rs->fetch_array();		
881					//echo '<pre>';print_r($slider_row);die;		
883					$q3 = 'SELECT path FROM journals WHERE journal_id='.$row[0];		
884					$path_rs = $mysqli->query($q3);		
885					$path_row = $path_rs->fetch_array();		
887					if(strtolower($slider_row[0]) == "no")		
888					continue;		
890					$pos1 = strpos($row[3],'journalThumbnail_en_US');		
891					$pos2 = strpos($row[3],'"', $pos1);		
892					$img = substr($row[3], $pos1, $pos2-$pos1);		
893					$img_url = $journalImageBasePath.$row[0].'/'.$img.'?'.time().'"';		
895					$slider_img .= sprintf('<li class="j_slide_li">		
896							       <a href="%s" class="tooltip"> <span>%s</span>
897							       <img src="%s" /></a></li>'
898							       ,$slider_row[3], $slider_row[2], $img_url);
900				}

The important bit will be how you instanciated $rs in the first line, and whether you are testing for a failure to build the $rs object if an error occurs.

Now it is working the link with the content of the file ndex/IndexHandler.inc.php:

Best regards,
Mihai G.

You should be checking the result of line 721:

$rs = $mysqli->query($q);

before attempting to use the object.

See, for example, lines 34-40 here: