Failed to upload files in the Copy editing section since our upgrade to OJS

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
we are facing an issue of not being able to upload the copy edited files to the copy editing section. Even the admin cannot upload a file and when we click on the “Upload / Select File” there appears this message:
Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.

Steps I took leading up to the issue:
The error logs show:
[27-Jun-2022 07:07:11 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of ManageCopyeditFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles, $fileStage = null) must be compatible with ManageSubmissionFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles = null, $fileStage = null, …$functionArgs) in /home/jmedscic/public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/files/copyedit/form/ on line 33

What I tried to resolve the issue:

I visited the forums and found the fix:
We already had applied these settings as we have faced the same nature issue during our previous version. These setting are intact.

Application Version - ojs

Additional information, such as screenshots and error log messages if applicable:



This is the fix you want here, the very first change in this list:

The problem is that the form class has a slightly different method declaration than its parent class. I suspect you are using PHP8 which is pickier about this. This will be fixed in OJS 3.4 but you can make the adjustment yourself now. You can also run PHP 7.4 if you like.


Thank you so much @jnugent. I roll back the PHP version to 7.4 and seems that the issue is fixed as users are now able to upload copy edited files at one or second attempt. i noticed the following error:
[28-Jun-2022 08:48:57 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getJournalId() on null in /home/jmedscic/public_html/classes/issue/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/jmedscic/public_html/classes/search/ IssueAction->subscriptionRequired(NULL, Object(Journal))
#1 /home/jmedscic/public_html/plugins/generic/recommendByAuthor/ ArticleSearch->formatResults(Array)
#2 /home/jmedscic/public_html/lib/pkp/classes/plugins/ RecommendByAuthorPlugin->callbackTemplateArticlePageFooter(‘Templates::Arti…’, Array)
#3 /home/jmedscic/public_html/lib/pkp/classes/template/ HookRegistry::call(‘Templates::Arti…’, Array)
#4 /home/jmedscic/public_html/cache/t_compile/5344c657d475ac490e5be9e38a89fff34c6138fd^ PKPTemplateManager->smartyCallHook(Array, Object(Smarty_Internal_Template))
#5 /home/jmedscic/public_html/lib/pkp/lib/vendor/smarty/smart in /home/jmedscic/public_html/classes/issue/ on line 31
[28-Jun-2022 08:49:01 UTC] PHP Warning: Declaration of ManageCopyeditFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles, $fileStage = NULL) should be compatible with ManageSubmissionFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles = NULL, $fileStage = NULL, …$functionArgs) in /home/jmedscic/public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/files/copyedit/form/ on line 33

Secondly i couldn’t locate the file in our controller directory, can you kindly guide me about this /


There is another controllers directory, inside of the lib/pkp directory.

That fatal error looks like it might be a problem with the recommend by author plugin. Can you try disabling it and see if the problem goes away?


Hi @jnugent thank you very much,


I tried to disable the author plugin but that ended in another mess, We are about to publish a new issue by tomorrow so can’t take risk. So far the things are working fine, i am observing it, if any issue arises i ll get back to you.