Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON error with quickSubmit plugin Add Contributor

Hi, I just made a fresh install and discovered a clue where the problem could be. That “Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON error” appears after the upgrade of the Author Requirements plugin. But it doesn’t disappear after deleting that plugin, neither after deleting the QuickSubmit and installing it again.

So, in order to work fine again, I made a fresh install, upgraded QuickSubmit, but NOT upgraded Author Requirements, and worked fine.

I think it has something to do with the Author Requirements plugin, not working well with the last ojs version,


So here is my weird twist:

Attempting to add a Contributor in the QuickSubmit Form after enabling email optional in AuthorRequirements Plugin settings caused a “Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON error” (OJS V3.3.0.8 ).

I had not upgraded the plugin.

Having nothing left to loose, I upgraded the plugin, and now the Add Contributor seems to work again.