Extremely slow home page

Right now we’re running several journals on OJS 2.4.6, with PHP 5.3.3. For each journal, the site is completely fine, except for each journal’s home page. The home page takes an EXTREMELY long time to load( ~1minute or more), and often triggers our downtime notices alerting us that the site is down, when in all actuality the page is just taking a very long time to load.

Previously we were running an older version of the software and thought that might be the problem however, we upgraded and are still experiencing this issue. In our efforts to debug we haven’t stumbled upon anything that appears to be significant in both the application and server error logs. Any idea what could be causing this issue on all of our journal sites, on this one particular page?

Hi @oneill38,

This could be any number of things – slow PHP, or MySQL, or assets loading in the browser (CSS, JS, etc), though I think the first two possibilities are the most likely. If you have ssh access to the server, you can use something like “top” to see what’s running during a long request, and what your server’s CPU usage looks like. That could help differentiate MySQL from PHP as the cause.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team