Expose RePEc metadata

Who all is actively exporting/exposing metadata to (or as) a RePEc archive via the Research Documents Information Format (ReDIF) format?

I suspect @ihlasnobatovich is, based on this post:

Who else might benefit from a plugin to expose RePEc metadata; or is there such a plugin already?

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We’re just starting to look at this issue itself. Has there been any further progress on a plugin for REPEC metadata?

Yes, I do it manually currently.

Hi @ctgraham, @ihlasnobatovich

We have 4 economical journals, so we need this badly now, when we are getting to OJS.
Would it be possible to do with import/export tools?
Any help would be much appreciated.

@ihlasnobatovich, would you please tell how you do it manually?

@Ph_We just follow steps here: RePEc step-by-step tutorial
and look at templates here: RePEc: Templates

Ah, so you could not use the script above?

No, I havent used it yet. Currently I do it manually.

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Has anyone found a better way for this, or is doing it manually still the only way?