Exporting to Produciton systems downstream

Hey - I’m new to the forum, and OJS! So be gentle with me :slight_smile:

I need to know more about whether I can use OJS to export accepted articles out to a produciton tracking system. This would be a XML export via FTP, typically NLM DTD. Is this something that can work?


Hi @dynamitexi

Depending on you exact needs, some adaptation/implementation would be needed.
If the articles would be published within OJS, one could use the OAI-PMH interface to harvest the articles (also in NLM XML format).
Also, OJS has several export plugins, that could eventually be used, but unfortunately there is currently no export into NLM format. You could maybe use an existing, e.g. OJS native export plugin and then (if necessary) convert that XML into an XML that you need.
Eventually you could write an export plugin that would perfectly suit your needs. You could also implement it so that the articles are automatically transferred there. For this you could take a look at the Crossref, DataCite or mEDRA export/registration plugin.
The exports can be executed from the command line and also with a Cron job – so it can be automated and you could also use them from an OJS external script.

Hope that helps…