Exporting keywords out of OJS 3 site

One of our journals would like to extract the keywords from their OJS 3.1 journal published over many years into something like a csv file. Can anyone suggest what the easiest way to do this might be? I don’t see anything in the user interface that would allow for this kind of export. I know the keywords are included in the native xml export, but am wondering if there’s a nicer way to get at this data.


Hi @sfbetz,

There’s not currently anything in the system that extracts a complete list for the journal in a format you can work with via a spreadsheet. I’d suggest building a database query via phpMyAdmin to accomplish this. The database structure is a little twisty, but essentially it’s in controlled_vocabs, controlled_vocab_entries, and controlled_vocab_entry_settings.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks muchly @asmecher !