Exporting from a Conference Management Software into OJS

Hello all,

I manage conference proceedings using OJS but the association uses EasyChair for conference papers submissions and reviews. In the past years we used Quick Upload to publish papers on OJS but I wonder if any of you is familiar with any other conference management software (in addition to OCS) that supports exporting conference papers into OJS.

Thank you

Hi @Nasser_Saleh,

I think you mean QuickSubmit when you say “Quick Upload”, correct?

I’m not aware of any conversion process that’s been implemented to take content from e.g. EasyChair into OJS, but depending on what EasyChair supports for export formats, it may be possible to write an XSL stylesheet that’ll convert some other XML format into one that OJS can import. This will take some XSL expertise, however.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team