Export Crossref XML manually OJS 3.4.0-5

Hi All,
It seems that in OJS 3.4.0-5 there is no way to export Crossref XML manually. When I click Import/Export Data on “Crossref XML Export Plugin” I show this message:

DOI management has moved. Please see the DOI management and DOI settings pages.

I completed “DOI management” and “DOI settings” but i can not export Cross ref XML manually.
I tried to replace Crossref plugin from ojs-3.2.1-5 but the site crashed completely.

I would be very appreciative if help me.

@OJS-novice You’ve probably already found the answer, but if not, perhaps this guide I give to our editors might help you: guide.


@KayWP Thank you for your guidance, but I don’t see anything similar to what you mentioned in the help file guide. there is no “export DOIs” button.

@OJS-novice Have you set up a Registration Agency under distribution settings → DOIs → Registration?

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@KayWP Your point was great :heart_eyes: :+1:
I can see “export DOIs” now.
Thank you so much