Export articles in review? (OJS

Hi there,

I am attempting to migrate an OJS journal that is the only journal on an old (v 2.3.6) instance on a VPS, into a more recent (v instance that has several other journals.

Through the use of Docker, I was able to create a version of the old journal (i.e. upgraded first to 2.4.8, then to Then I used the Native XML Plugin to export the Issues metadata and files from the old journal instance into the new (shared) instance.

However, I’m wondering if there is a way to export the articles currently under review at the old site into the new journal. It appears that I may need to just manually recreate the respective submissions with the new journal, but if there was a better (automated) option, that would be good.

Unfortunately, setting up the old journal as a standalone instance on the new server was not an option. The mandate was to recreate it within the shared instance.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.