Export all avail data to Crossref

Dear all, dear @asmecher , @bozana , @ctgraham
as far a I can see, issue data such as volume and number are only exported to Crossref if they are set to be shown (in the db: issuesshow_volume OR show_number = 1) whereas this data is used regardless in the citation on the frontend.
I would like to export ALL available issue data - at least number and volume, similar to the citation - regardless of switches set for the frontend.
Could you please provide a hack?

Thank you so much, regards

[using OJS 3.1.2-4]

Ok, the trick is to delete
&& $issue->getShowVolume()
&& $issue->getShowNumber()
from lines 186 and 191 in

My next task is to include the issue titles according to http://data.crossref.org/reports/help/schema_doc/4.4.2
Let’s see if this change of schema works.