Expanded Archive Page

Dear friends,

I want to modify archive page and list the contents of each issue as seen in picture below.

I know that I need to modify issue/archive.tpl file. So, I added {include file=“issue/view.tpl”} just after following code at archive.tpl file in two places (at line 41 and at line 44):

<‘h4’> <a href="{url op=“view” path=$issue->getBestIssueId($currentJournal)}">{$issue->getIssueIdentification()|escape} <’/h4’>
<‘div’ class=“issueCoverDescription”>{$issue->getLocalizedCoverPageDescription()|strip_unsafe_html|nl2br}<’/div’>

But it does not work. I suspect the {iterate} function causes problem. So, I tried to use {foreach} function instead of it, but it does not work as well.

Can any guide me how to accomplish the task?

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