Exit Intend / Hello Bar type Pop Up - Plugin?

We have configured our PKP OJS journal so that user are not required to log in to view or download our articles. This is so that we are in accordance with DOAJ membership requirements.

As users are no longer required to become members, we would like to employ a plugin or some HTML code or service to create a pop up window or banner after a specified period to encourage our readers subscribe so that they can benefit by being notified of new article and announcements. We also obviously want to encourage subscribers so that we can report a growing subscriber base to our board.

Has anyone found an easy solution for this sort of functionality? It seems that there is no such plugin in standard OJS…

Hi Paul,
did you solve this problem? I am looking for something similar for our journal.


Hi Boris. Yes, I did. I found an online service that helped me - for now we are just using the free version. Get Site Control. This allows us to have a pop up bar at the bottom of the page to encourage new visitors to register with us.

Hope this helps…


Hi Paul. That looks great. I just can’t figure out where to put the code so that GetSiteControl finds it. Where did you put it?

Hi Boris, very good question! I’d meant to say in my initial reply.

You can insert the short chunk of code that ‘Get site control’ gives you into the ‘Custom Tags’ box in section 1.8 (Search Engine Indexing) of the Journal Set Up (this is assuming you’re using the same version of OJS as us).

e.g. - Journal Set Up > 1. Details > 1.8 Search Engine Indexing > Custom Tags

This is also where I put other useful Metatags like Google site verification etc. As they they appear in the HTML header of each page.