Examples of live OJS 3 journals

Hi, I know it’s an old discussion whether a list of OJS journals should be kept (and it was decided not to do so).
BUT: At present it would be very interesting to have some examples of live journals running OJS 3. Any suggestions?

Hi @Gerwin,

We’ll be collecting a few links as these appear and hopefully posting a blog entry in the near future with some examples; journals are always welcome to post in the Community Showcase area of the forum too. Meanwhile, you an always search for some text that’s likely to appear on an OJS 3.0 installation, e.g. “Open Journal Systems” – this will probably give you the most comprehensive list, though you’ll have to sort test installs etc. out from live journals.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,
Thank you very much: using the proposed search string really helps.

Greetings @Gerwin,

As for your question for journal example,
we are decided to run our new journal on OJS3 platform (e-medjournal.com). We are planning to officially launch it in the middle winter. But it already contains some articles which were submitted to us and processed.

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Hi @Vitaliy,
What theme do you use? It looks simple and nice

Sorry, It seems default theme


We use default theme but with some modification. I have read about child-themes on this forum and implement some minor changes in appearence.

Example Live OJS.3

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Here are some:

Just to complete this discussion for future users searching for OJS 3 examples: