Errors on Page layout and presentation

We have been using OJS since 2015, but since the update to version we have been having issues with the layout and appearance of the public website loosing configuration and appearing with strange characters and fonts on its own accord without any chances being made to the software or to the core of the system on our end.

Our IT people are unable to resolve the issue and to start a brand new OJS site we are risking losing our database.

Can you offer any advice on how to fix this issue?


Editora USS

Hi @Diretoria_Editora_US,

Check to make sure your file permissions in cache/ aren’t overly permissive (e.g. 777 permissions) – it’s possible that some outside application is altering the files there. This can happen if e.g. you’re running a vulnerable version of another application that’s attempting to infect software on your system. If your server runs PHP using mod_php, it may be inherently prone to this sort of attack.

One way to investigate this more fully is to wait for something in the system to start behaving strangely, then grab a copy of all the contents of cache. Delete these files from the system (e.g. cache/*.php) and see if it resolves the problem. This will simultaneously cause the cache files to get re-generated fresh. You can then compare your backups of the potentially modified files with the freshly generated ones, to see if it looks like an attempted attack.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,

It didn´t work. Our It team cannot figure out what is wrong. They think it
might be related to the languages files.
The errors are permanently on display and our users cannot access the
content without hassle and submission of articles is not possible via the
OJS system. It happened overnight.
I have uploaded a screen shot of what it looks like.
Any ideas on how to solve this?

I didn’t see a screenshot attached. Can you re-upload the screenshot, or share a URL?