Errores en la modificación de artículos / Errors in the modification of articles

En alguna ocasión nos pasa que cuando vamos a modificar un artículo no nos deja ya que nos dice que hay un error, el cual no nos especifica y no nos deja modificarlo.

Tal error realmente no existe, porque por ejemplo en un artículo ya guardado o publicado, queremos quitarle una palabra en el título y nos dice que no puede guardarlo corregido porque existe este error, cuando ya lo había guardado con anterioridad la plataforma con una palabra de más.
Hemos probado a ver si era un problema de permisos y tampoco. Quisiéramos saber cual es el problema, ya que no nos ocurre siempre y la solución que encontramos no es la mas apropiada, ya que hay que crear nuevamente el artículo, perdiendo la trayectoria real, comentarios, etc que guarda el original / In some occasion it happens to us that when we are going to modify an article it does not let us since it says to us that there is an error, which does not specify to us and it does not let us modify it.
Such an error does not really exist, because for example in an article already saved or published, we want to remove a word in the title and it tells us that it cannot save it corrected because there is this error, when the platform had already saved it previously with one word too many.
We have tried to see if it was a permissions problem and neither. We would like to know what the problem is, since it does not always happen to us and the solution we found is not the most appropriate, since we have to create the article again, losing the real path, comments, etc. that the original saves.

Si alguien pudiera ayudarme se lo agradecería / If someone could help me I would appreciate it.
Un saludo/ Best regards


Hello @Anita69,

Can you please indicate which version of OJS (e.g. 3.3.0-8) that you are using (please include this in your posts as it assists with troubleshooting)? Where exactly are you editing this information?

PKP Team

Buenas tardes:
La versión que utilizamos es
Donde se produce el error es en la corrección de artículo ya publicado que retiramos de publicación para modificar una palabra en el título.
Estaría en Envío- Ver- Publicación (retiramos de publicación) quitamos una palabra del título y resumen y al dar a guardar nos da ese error.
Un saludo

Good afternoon:
The version we are using is
Where the error occurs is in the correction of already published article that we removed from publication to modify a word in the title.
It would be in Archives- View- Publication (unpublish) we remove a word from the title and summary and when we hit save we get that error.
Best regards

Hi @Anita69,

It’s difficult for me to say exactly, but I’m wondering if it might be an issue with your language settings. I’ll make a quick reference to this document which gives some good advice:

One language per field. As we’ve addressed already in this document, if you have any multilingual metadata in your journal you should make sure that it lives in its own language-specific form. Check to make sure that, in the Languages settings, you’ve enabled all forms for submission-appropriate languages. Make sure to review author-entered metadata in all configured languages before publishing.

PKP Team

Hi @Anita69,

It’s also possible that your web server has security rules that are mistakenly preventing OJS from saving the metadata, depending on what kind of wording is in the metadata fields. There are two ways you could tell if that’s the case:

  • Check the web browser’s inspection tools, in the “Network” tab, to see what kind of server response the web server is returning when you attempt to save the updated metadata. If you see a 403 Forbidden response, it is likely a server-side security tool (outside of OJS) that is preventing the metadata from being saved.
  • Check the web server’s Apache logs (or equivalent) to see if a security rule is being flagged there.

In order to eliminate any OJS-based problem, you can check to see if anything relevant is logged in the server’s PHP error log when you attempt to save the metadata.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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