Error with DOAJ API in updating articles

I’m testing OJS 3.2.1 before going live.

We found an error in using DOAJ APIs. It works correctly in registering articles, but it fails if I try to update an already registered article.
I receive an error like
Il deposito non è andato bene, L'API DOAJ ha dato come errore: '1 - {"status": "forbidden", "error": " (ref: cb55168c-72a7-11eb-b6bf-6ac132d54a90)"}'.

I’ve contacted DOAJ and I’m working with @Dominic_Mitchell trying to identify the issue, but we couldn’t.

Has anyone found the same issue or has any suggestions?


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Hello again,
it seems that we have at least an explanation (not yet a solution).

The new DOAJ API is requiring the DOAJ article id for updating an article: API – DOAJ

OJS is not receiving/storing any DOAJ id, so when you hit the “register” button on an already registered article, it goes to error because of the article id lacking.