Error when creating New Institutional Subscription OJS

Hello, when I creating New Institutional Subscription we are getting Errors - occurred processing this form:

  • [A subscription type must be created before new subscriptions can be made.]

But I can’t select type subscription, because field is blank.
I have had same problem when I create “New Individual Subscriptions”, and I found this thread [OJS] Errors after updating to 2.4.6 and solved this problem.

Would you suggest any solution for this error?
Thank You


You have to create subscription types before they will show in this field as options to select. On the Journal Manager user home, go to Subscriptions and select Subscription Types from the menu along the top. Then create a new subscription type. There are more instructions in our documentation: Subscriptions

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

I already created subscription type. And “individual subscription” creating perfect.


It sounds like you are saying that you created one or more subscription type for institutions (not only individuals), but when you try to create a new subscription, there are no subscription types appearing in the drop-down menu. Can you please post a screenshot of the list of subscription types that you have created, under the Subscription Types tab?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Oh, yes exactly there are Subscription Types only for Individual subscriptions. I didn’t know about necessary creating Subscription Type special for institutions subscriptions.

Thank you for help.