Error when configuring TextEditor Extras - 3.3.0-11


I noticed another problem when I installed and tried to configure che Text Editor Extras. See screenshot

Schermata da 2022-06-17 14-13-03

I don’t have problems configuring other plugins, like the one for DOIs.

p.s. Do you prefer that I open another post for that?

Hi @Lara_M,

Thanks - I’ve pulled this into a separate post since it’s distinct from your original post. Best to deal with it separately, I think.

PKP Team

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For any help: this is what I get in error.log

PHP Fatal error: Declaration of TextEditorExtrasSettingsForm::execute() must be compatible with Form::execute(…$functionArgs) in /var/www/ojs/plugins/generic/textEditorExtras/ on line 65, referer:

Still investigating this. I noticed that every plugin that uses as settings the call with “verb=settings” throw me this error.

i.e.$$$call$$$/grid/settings/plugins/settings-plugin-grid/manage?verb=settings&plugin=customheaderplugin&category=generic&_=1656324935013 → error$$$call$$$/grid/settings/plugins/settings-plugin-grid/manage?plugin=doipubidplugin&category=pubIds&_=1656324935016 → no error

I cannot figure the possible solution. I changed the “tar” in (as in some other similar errors) with the correct path.
I’m wondering if there is some PHP extensions missing, but I don’t know which can be because there are no official lists. For example, I was missing the xml extension, I installed it, but the error still continues.
Please help!

Hi all,

See Plugin with "verb=settings" gives "Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned" · Issue #8064 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for a continuation of this discussion.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team