Error upgrading ojs 2.4.8 to 3.1.01 (DB Error: Table 'ojs.plugin_settings' doesn't exist</h1>ojs2: DB Error: Table 'ojs.plugin_settings' doesn't exist)


I am trying to update the database of my ojs2.4.8 to the ojs3.1.0.1 in a virtual machine (Centos 7).
I already install the version, I created a backup of the last databases (2.4.8) and I restored the database in the virtual machine.
I followed the steps of upgrade from ojs2.x to 2.x for the database.

When I use de command: ‘php tools/upgrade.php upgrade’ the following error appears:
DB Error: Table ‘ojs.plugin_settings’ doesn’t existojs2: DB Error: Table ‘ojs.plugin_settings’ doesn’t exist


Can you help me?

Jose C.

I have exactly the same problem. Trying to make the upgrade from 2.4.8 to 3.1.2, after following the necessary steps (copy public, editing the, …) both in GUI interface and using ‘php tools/upgrade.php upgrade’ the result is:

DB Error: Table ‘ojs3sel.plugin_settings’ doesn’t exist

The fact is that after issuing the upgrade procedure the database is empty, without any tables at all.

I reload the database, check all the tables have been restored and issue again the upgrade and then the ddbb is empty again. Something is dropping the database.

One more stone in the arduous road towards the OJS update.

The problem was that the database backup file have inside a different database name and a use clause. Things I didn’t expect. So issuing a ‘source ddbbbackup.sql’ create a different database and change to use that new one. The database the I expect to be now resotored remains empty.

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