Error: Upgrade failed: DB: Duplicate entry in review_rounds table

Dear OJS Team,

While upgrading my ojs application ojs-2.4.6 to ojs -3.1.1-2, I am facing Error: Upgrade failed: DB: Duplicate entry. How can I resolve this problem, please help.


There are two identical rows in the review_rounds table that have the review_round id 2661. You need to access your database, find those rows and edit or remove some of them.

Do a search from the forum with “duplicate entry” and you will find a lot of similar situations with solutions.

Thank You,

I am facing one more warning while upgrading

WARNING: Unable to find a match for “13585-40162-1-RV.pdf” in “/home/ojs/Desktop/ojs_2018_backup/files/journals/1//articles/13585/”. Skipping this file.

That should prevent the upgrade to be completed, right? Check the article mentioned in the path from your files folder. Do you see the file there?

Sorry for the delay respond, actually have checked all files are there.