Error updating an article

I did an update of the OJS, all the sections work correctly except the submission section, I can not edit the articles since I get the option disabled, which could be that error?error

Hi @edjofp,

Can you please specify which version of the OJS are you using? Further on also specify which roles are assigned to you and what exactly you wanted to do?

Best regards, Primož

I’m using the latest version, in terms of administator roles, in the old version I could modify an article, but in this version I can not edit the article.

The updated OJS does not allow modifications to the metadata and the galleys despite giving all the roles to the magazine manager, who is making the changes.

The galley upload is not displayed when the article was published in the previous version.

I went back to the previous version but now it does not let me visualize the html and css files, I do not understand what happens