Error update ojs for ojs 3.0.2


When updating the ojs I came across this error:
Duplicate entry ‘25804-3-1’ for key ‘review_rounds_submission_id_stage_id_round_pkey’, referer:


Hi @franciscosatiro

Why do you not use the most recent OJS version 3.1.1?
It could be that you will have the same error, but… it is good to use the latest release where lots of bugs are fixed…
Else, see this GitHub Issue and comments there: Upgrade to 3.0.0: pkey violation on review_rounds · Issue #1921 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. It seems like you would have some duplicate entries in your review_rounds table. Those should be first solved, before starting the upgrade anew.
Do not forget to always (after each step) backup everything!!!

Let me know if you have find something and if you would need any further help…